Mind Full

Produced in partnership with Screen Queensland and YouTube, Mind Full is a web series exploring mental health and mindfulness in the online space, starring YouTuber Jessica Holsman.


The recorded rates of anxiety, depression and suicide amongst young Australians are on the rise.

  • Up to 75% of mental illness emerges before 25 years of age

  • 1 in 6 kids have been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder (7 - 15 yrs)

  • Youth suicide is the #1 killer of young Australians

Jessica Holsman - or "Study With Jess" as she is known to her 400K subscribers - is an Australian YouTuber who has dedicated her social media platforms to creating content that helps her audience handle the many pressures of education and study. But as she's built out her channel, Jess has become well aware of the ways the internet can negatively affect people's mental health.

Everyday she sees comments of messages from her followers as they struggle with anxiety, exam stress, negative self-worth, and the everyday pressures of life.

The five part "Mind Full" web series follows Jess as she meets with wellness and mental health experts and puts her own vulnerabilities online in the hopes of becoming part of a solution rather than the problem.

By sharing Jess' story, "Mind Full" draws attention to the need for us all to take a proactive step towards advocacy and awareness of young people's mental health, and to provide an avenue for discussion that ignites change.

An impact strategy was created to further support and incite this change.

It incorporated a three month marketing campaign across various platforms, a website that functioned as a central hub for series resources (including tools for self-assessment and mental health management), and a workshop with high school students to gather dynamic, interactive feedback.