Storytelling in Papua New Guinea

An behind-the-scenes look at our capacity building workshops in Papua New Guinea; workshops that aimed to equip future storytellers with the foundational skills needed to create their own powerful and impactful films.

As a social impact film studio, our practice is guided by the need to create content that connects audiences and empowers them to take tangible action. Through a series of capacity building workshops, we coached the PGF communications team to focus on all elements of filmmaking, but most crucially the pre-production - identifying the underlying purpose or ‘why’ behind the film and the desired impact of what the audience should feel or do after seeing it. 

The knowledge sharing sessions laid the foundations for the PGF team to build a lasting story legacy that evolves with creative consistency and powerful impact, and for all staff within those organisations to find value and champion their own content in the long-term; everyone becomes advocates with the tools to humanise their programs and communicate their remarkable human stories.

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