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We're shaking up the content model, uniting with brands that want to drive real world impact and develop an authentic voice through telling meaningful stories that align with their mission and core values. We're fascinated by mental health, equality and remarkable human stories so all of our projects in development are centred around these. Get in touch if you want to be a part of telling the stories that matter. 



The Spark tells the stories of the underdogs, the unexpected ones; those brave enough to put their heart on the line for what they truly want in life. The series will showcase and journey with a colourful array of individuals, each who represent a slice of Australia, and who had one hell of an idea, acted on it and against all odds, are making it work.


An 8-part series; The Cocoa Hunters will take viewers on a guided food journey; an exploration of one of our most-desired foods, from bean to bar. Taking the audience to cinematic locations, to meet new characters and experience new cultures.