Lights Out to Save the Turtles - A Case Study


Low Glow


The Prince’s Trust Australia

The Why:

To set an example for how organisations and communities can enact positive environmental change in the world through their collective actions.

The What:

A 90 - 150 second campaign video to highlight the work currently underway to support the Great Barrier Reef through The Prince's Trust Australia's partnership with Greenfleet and Disney.

The Prince’s Trust Australia is a leading global organisation dedicated to transforming lives and supporting Australian communities to thrive, through the inspiration, charitable commitment and philanthropic values of his Royal Highness The Prince of Wales.

Guided by His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales’ leadership in environmental sustainability, The Prince’s Trust Australia came to TheStoryBoxes with a need to create a film that would demonstrate how everyday individuals can use targeted, innovative programs to effect behavioural and environmental change on a global scale. As a secondary effect, the film was to build and establish lasting trust with the Australian audience, by highlighting the unseen presence and support The Prince’s Trust enacts everyday.

Of the many programs currently under direction from The Prince’s Trust, their Low Glow program, facilitated in collaboration with Greenfleet Australia and the Disney Company, was chosen to feature.

The survival of the Loggerhead turtle hatchery on Mon Repos beach, the largest on the Australian eastern seaboard and home to more than 50% of all nesting Loggerhead turtles in the South Pacific Ocean, greatly depends on solving or reducing the impact of the countless factors leading to their endangerment, many of which are caused by human behaviour.

Dr Blair Witherington, a world-renowned expert on critically endangered turtles and chief scientist at Disney’s Sea Turtle Conservation Program, came to Australia to kickstart the community activation program, meeting with local rangers, community members, the local council, schools, and tourism and business leaders from Bundaberg and Bargara.

Through an observational, genuine, authentic approach, the film captured Dr. Witherington’s journey as he joined forces with local community members to motivate them and inspire tangible change in any way that he could.

The Impact:

In the first month of release, the film accumulated more than 5000 views on The Prince’s Trust Australia Facebook page.

Cross-promotion on partner websites was established, with the film shared through the Greenfleet, Bundaberg Regional Council, Reef Guardian Schools program, Great Barrier Reef Marine Society, and the Disney Conservation Fund channels.

Snippets of the film were also provided to the local media and the Mon Repos Turtle Centre, and vignettes are planned to be used as part of the 70th birthday celebrations of HRH The Prince of Wales in 2018. A dedicated low glow website has also been created with useful resource links to a home lighting audit kit and hatchling calendar.